Program History

Program History 

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has collaborated with the Poole College of Management to initiate the OIT Project Management Lite Internship (PML) to expose students to real-world experiences. The program began operation in June 2014 with management from Verna Little, Business Officer for Office of Information Technology’s Enterprise Application Services. The first two interns from the Poole College of Management were Brittany Bynum-Farmer and Benjamin Horne. The program has grown since and it continues to expand to include additional interns every semester.

In the spring semester of 2016, PML began adding students from the Computer Science program in the College of Engineering. Most of the interns stay with the program until they graduate and have all enjoyed their experience with the different projects.

In 2017, the interns assisted in rolling out Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for NC State faculty and staff through various events, such as a 2FA kickoff celebration in Talley Student Union and facilitating numerous “2FA-day” walk-in appointments to assist in enrollment.

Each year, OIT’s Outreach, Communications, and Consulting (OCC) works with the Project Management Lite Internship Program to help facilitate OIT’s role in NC State’s Earth Day fair. The Earth Day fair is held each April and is an all day event in the brickyard to show students how to maintain sustainability practices and how many objects can be recycled. The internship program works with OCC to educate participants on green IT practices, provide a means to recycle electronics, and offer prizes to the students that successfully complete educational games.

In a continued effort to recruit potential interns and spread the word about the PML internship, the interns participate in multiple NC State career fairs. The team attends both the fall and spring Poole College of Management career fairs, targeting Information Technology and Information Systems concentrating students. At the career fair, interns take the lead in recruiting students who come by the table by collecting resumes and providing information about the program. The career fair gives interns the chance to express knowledge of current projects, experience in the internship, while making the program visible to large companies in attendance.

As of the start of the Fall 2018 semester, we now have 36 interns total that work at Avent Ferry Technology Center and Hillsborough Building.